Monday, April 7, 2008

welcome to my new 3-day blog!

hi everyone-

i decided that it's just easier to start anew blog for the 2008 3-day. thanks (again) to those who've already donated:

Jim Purdy of Planners Collaborative - the first to donate! =) ;
Alison Felix of PB;
Dad & Rose;
Vito & Nancy Palombella;
Maggie Campbell Jackson of HSH;
John Thomas of Beals & Thomas;
Linda Lukas, former HSH-er, now with Symmes Maini and McKee;
Anne McKinnon of HSH; and
Dave Wamester of Gale International.

thanks to new donors since last Wednesday, April 2:
my aunt, Tammy Freeman;
Jeff Mazur; and
Brian Paik.

total raised to-date: $746, which is a third of the way to my required amount ($2,200). thanks for all the support.

i got new walking (well, actually, running; but i don't run unless something big and scary is chasing me) sneakers last weekend. i took them on their first training walk today, and they rewarded me with an almost-blister on my right heel. =( i guess 3 miles was too much for the first walk in new shoes.

keep those donations rolling in!

more news later on this KBS station.

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